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Leadership with Dedication, Experience and Forward Thinking

At Nishant, we believe the chemical industry thrives on building and maintaining relationships. This belief pushes the values of quality, reliability & customer satisfaction.Our leadership team provides strategic direction to company activities. The team comprises:

Founder, Nishant Organics Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Parul Patel is one of the dynamic and energetic first-generation entrepreneurs who started with his first venture in early 1980s, with no family background in the business arena. After some struggling years in 80’s he grabbed the vision and strategy of business and founded Nishant Organics Pvt. Ltd. in 1995. After that his vision took Lakshya Group to venture in electronics and cotton spinning businesses.

Managing Director – Lakshya Group

During his successful career as an industrialist, he has worn many hats right from setting up of the plant, manufacturing, looking at financial aspects and enveloping emerging markets. He is backbone of Lakshya Group of Companies. Today, under his leadership, the group enjoys patronage of more than 600 domestic and overseas customers in Asia, Europe, USA, Latin America etc.

Technical Director – Lakshya Group

Mr. Nishant Patel joined the group right after his graduation in Chemical Engineering from Manipal Institute of Technology. In short span of time taken over responsibilities of managing technicalities of the group's operations. A dynamic and energetic approach towards tackling all situations adds diverse dimension to his life. He embraces each day as gift that will bring something exciting, challenging and rewarding to prove his ability.